Best Human Touch Massage Chair of 2017 “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base”

Buying a massage chair can be a daunting task, especially when you are confined to a specific brand. Nonetheless, Human Touch is one of the best massage chair brands manufacturing some of the feature rich massage chairs. Their massage chairs mimic the motions of a massage therapist, thus giving you a realistic massage experience.

The massage chairs offered by Human Touch have the most advanced robotic massage systems and other features. Moreover, the technology used by Human Touch is the preferred one of the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

Though there are many different massage chairs offered by Human Touch, however; we’ve managed to pull out on of the best from the list. Also have a look at massage chairs reviews on MassageTut.

With no doubts, the Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Wide-Body Premium Massage Chair with Warm Air Heat Therapy System” is one of their top selling massage recliners and comes are a very affordable price as compared to other massage chairs in the market. Back massagers can also be used if there’s a shortage of funds.

Below I have shared a detailed review of this chair and its amazing features along with the reasons why you must buy this massage recliner.

Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair

WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair

For me, the Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair is 24/7 ready to deliver a relaxing massage, especially in this fast paced modern life where we hardly have enough time to take a break after a hectic day at work.

This massage chair offers you not only health benefits but also user-friendly controls, the affordability, and privacy of getting a wonderful massage at your home. In simple, it is the best solution to those who need a simple, yet an effective massage chair.

Note: You can’t use this chair for your pets, because it harm make them afraid and they could harm themselves. If you have a dog then use this guide to massage it: How to massage a dog otherwise massage chairs are not for animals.

Features & Benefits

Here are the key features and benefits of using the Human Touch Massage Chair

1: Relaxation

The Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair provides you maximum relaxation by quickly eliminating the stress. This is done by focusing effectively on the pressure points on different parts of your body.

2: Overall Well-Being

You will feel a dramatic change in your body with daily massage sessions. It helps to improve the flexibility and balance of your body. The neck and back pain is eliminated and this promotes a better posture.

3: Stimulation

The rollers inside the massage chairs help to stimulate your veins and capillaries and encourages the flow of fresh and oxygenated blood throughout the body. This eliminates the pressure and stress on the tissues, bones, tendons and ligaments. Moreover, it also helps to increase the level of endorphins and promotes the flow of lymph fluid. This makes you feel stronger, energetic and younger.

4: Relieves Muscles Aches

Working on a strict routine can make your muscles stiff and painful. This as the pressure increases, they become sore and result in severe pain. The Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair uses realistic massage motions that soften the stiff muscles and helps quickly to release the pressure on different parts of your body. Ultimately, the muscle knots and spasms are eliminated.

Main Features

  • It has Body Map Pro feature that focuses exactly on the points that you want to treat.
  • It also has a 3D Orbital massage technology that quickly relaxes and restores your body from head to toe.
  • The base of this massage chair can easily swivel to 55 degrees.
  • It has an exclusive warm air technology that gives an instant relief from tensed muscles by targeting the lumbar area.
  • There is a retractable ottoman with a foot and a calf massager that is backed with Figure Eight
  • The massage chair is made soft with the SofHyde technology.
  • There are dual motors that give a great adjustment of back and provides rest to your legs.
  • Contains no friction or pinching (a major flaw in most of the massage chairs).

People Best Suited for This Massage Chair

  • Those with back pain.
  • Those on a busy schedule throughout the day.
  • Living and have a busy schedule.
  • Those involved in sports based activities.

Overall, any person can use this massage chair for relaxation and stress relief.


  • Affordable.
  • Comes with user-friendly control panels.
  • Has a compact design with an attractive appearance.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Comes with 3- Years warranty.


  • A few users who are tall complain that it feels a bit comfortable on the feet areas.
  • Has a learning curve.


Overall the Human Touch “WholeBody 7.1” Swivel Base Massage Chair is a great option for you and promises to meet your massage requirements. It will provide you instant relief from pain and stress and will soothe your body.

Above all, it is backed by a 3-year limited warranty and has a very affordable price tag. Check outs its price and customer reviews on Amazon.


Perhaps when reading the headline the first thing that comes to mind, to those who already use the application, is that there is nothing new. One of the great incentives that has to happen to Spotify Premium is, precisely, to be able to listen to music without connection. Many already know this mode, but if you just started using Spotify Premium you may not know this feature, with which you can save a lot of data.

Spotify logo


So, for all those who did not know that you could listen without connection in Spotify, we have made this tutorial. Also, we’re not going to stay on Android. We will explain how to download the discs in Android iPhone and PC. We begin


What you first need to be able to listen to music offline in Spotify is a Premium account. It costs 10 euros per month, but we recommend you to become a family member: up to 5 members at the same address for 15 euros. But you can install spotify premium apk and no need to worry about payment.

To download a disc is very simple: you just have to go to the disc in question in the Spotify application. Just below the ‘Random Mode’ you have the download button. As soon as you press it, it will start automatically. Once it is on our device, we go to ‘Your library’ then click on the gear and activate the ‘Offline mode’.

We noticed that, in a recent update, Spotify activated the automatic radio: this means that once your downloaded disc is finished, a radio with similar songs will start playing.

You can see the rest of the disks downloaded in the ‘Your Library’ option, where you can see all the artists you follow in alphabetical order and your personalized lists.


The first thing we should do is download the Spotify web player. Here the thing changes a bit and becomes less intuitive. We go to the disc we want and press, in the menu of the three dots, ‘Save as playlist’. We create a new one, which can be the name of the artist or the album, and we go to the ‘Playlist’ section. We select the playlist we want to download and press the switch we see in the capture.

Top Things to Do in Naperville, Illinois

Naperville is a suburban settlement in Illinois, not too far from the bustling city of Chicago. It is a beautiful place with breath-taking scenic beauty, amazing architecture, and a rich history. Come to Naperville, Illinois for taking photographs of the beautiful settlement and forgetting your life’s worries in the process.Not only will you enjoy visiting Naperville but you should also know that it is one of the wealthiest and safest places to live in all of the United States of America.

From what we have told you till now, it does not seem like Naperville has much to offer. We are here to prove you wrong and let you know y everything there is to love in this amazing little town:

Are you looking to find a luxury transport to have hassle free travel then you can book Limo car at Naperville with RideCar Limousine or Windy city in affordable price. Or you can find many other good names in Naperville city for getting luxury limo ride to have a hassle free journey.

 Naperville River walk

The Naperville Riverwalk is known as the “Crown Jewel” of Naperville. There are few places in the world that will offer you therapeutic beauty like the Naperville Riverwalk. There are brick-laden paths that extend to around two miles. These paths have parks, fountains, sculptures, museums and so much more along the way. You might not be able to find a more relaxing spot to pace on in the whole of USA!

The Settlement Museum

The Naperville Settlement Museum is for people who are fascinated by history. It is most famously known for recreating the days of the civil war with people re-enacting the villagers and the soldiers and everything they did to survive in those days. Other than the war, they also act out other historical events like Octoberfest and baseball games.

Ball Factory

The ball factory is for all you parents whose children want nothing more than to have a good time. This is a place where children can participate in activities with their folks and develop their physical and mental skills as a child. You can always grab a bite at the café afterward.

Moses Tower

Made to commemorate the dawn of a new Millennium, the Moses Tower is best known for the Millennium Carillon. You can even catch a concert in the Carillon if you visit in the summers. The top of the Moses tower offers a view of the entire city, including the Chicago skyline! Do not forget to capture this scene on your camera when you visit Naperville.

Morton Arboretum

The Arboretum is an outdoor museum where nature lovers and botany enthusiasts will have the time of their lives. It hosts around 4000 different species of plants, all grown in a breath-taking environment. There are also recreational activities in the Arboretum like cycling trails, a children’s garden, a maze, and a hiking track.

Centennial Beach

Centennial Beach is not exactly a beach, it is a water-park that offers tons of fun, water-based activities to the visitors. There is also artificial sand in the area which gives it a real beachy feel. Centennial Beach is a must-visit place with your family.


Across the famous Centennial beach, you will find a quarry where you can rent a paddleboat or a Kayak and enjoy a fun boatride.

Lillian Bailey (My Bio)

Hey there, friend! I’m a blogger & Content Manager at RideCar Limousine. Thank you for joining me as I’m so thrilled you stopped by! I love working to create a beautiful, thriving life around me and helping others do the same I love writing about nature, travel, top places&luxury riderelated topics.




When Babies Teething 11 Tips Against Pain

For most babies, it’s about four to seven months old. The first teeth break through, which is often accompanied by pain. For the parents now begins an exhausting time

Here are some tips on how to help your teething child.

babies teething

babies teething

How do I know if my baby is teething?

If the baby is always whiny, has red cheeks, without it feverish and also slobbering even more, are the visible evidence that teething is imminent. If you scan the lower jaw of the infant, you may find that it has become very hard there or perhaps even the teeth shine through.

First, the lower front incisors break through, then the two upper ones. Teething continues until about the 30th month of life. Only then is the deciduous dentition fully formed. In some children you do not notice the teething at all, the parents suddenly discover that something white flashes in the mouth.

Other babies, on the other hand, are whining, screaming unceasingly, especially at night , having diarrhea and a sore bottom. Or they keep putting objects or their hands in their mouths to chew on them.

Help with home remedies

Grandma’s old home remedies still provide relief today.

  • Give the baby something to chew on, such as a bread crumb, a piece of apple or carrot. The massage effect thereby reduces the pain. Under no circumstances should you leave the child unattended as it could ingest it.
  • It is better, you give him a wet cool washcloth or soak the rag with chamomile tea. This has a calming and analgesic effect at the same time. Also chewing on a leek onion brings relief, because essential oils are released.
  • Alternatively, give your baby a cool spoon or teething ring. Tees are available from specialist retailers, which you can cool off in the fridge beforehand.

Help from the pharmacy

  • A natural teething aid, which is available in pharmacies or drugstores, is the violet root, which releases pain relieving and soothing ingredients while chewing. With the violet root you only have to pay attention to cook it out regularly so that the adhering germs are removed.
  • Secure with a pacifier chain, but never hang it around the child’s neck.
  • Another option is the use of homeopathic globules. Let’s recommend something in the pharmacy.
  • Especially for the night is recommended a Zahnungsgel. This is applied to the painful areas and acts like a local anesthetic. This is how the baby sleeps better.
  • Punctures should only be used in extreme cases and should be discussed with the doctor first.

How else can I help my baby?

The infant needs a lot of attention during the acute period of teething.

  • Distract the child as much as possible with games, often hug it or look at picture books together.
  • Gently massage the gums or perform a full body baby massage. Protect it from moisture by the many drooling. Put a bib or diaper around your neck and cream your chin and neck regularly.
  • Remember that dental care starts with the first tooth .
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The Best Chat and Messaging Apps for Android

The arrival of chat and messaging applications for Android have opened a world of possibilities within a single application. Recall that the rise of messaging applications or chat, come a long time. For those who remember the already extinct Messenger, where you could annoy your friends by sending buzz after buzz, passing through the still live Skype, but now a new wave of applications are taking over, making forget the applications of the old guard, a clear example of these new applications is WhatsApp.

The revolution of applications for instant messaging, not only based on chat, today we can find a whole social network in a simple application for Android. As some have seen in the news of technologies, some applications are violated by the NSA, in order to track information, something quite serious for the privacy of each person. Next we will share some of the most used applications for Android for a chat and instant messaging, do you know any other? Leave a comment on the article.

The Best Chat and Messaging Apps for Android

  1. Google Hangouts

While Hangouts is neither the best chat APP, nor the best text messaging application, it combines both functions, and it comes with a series of newer editions for Android, so it’s hard to ignore. Hangouts makes video, group chat, share in the media, and almost everything else is to be expected, although it is a bit short on notifications and especially the issue of personalization.

  1. WhatsApp

Thanks to its large user base of more than 500 million, the WhatsApp multiplatform was bought by Facebook for the striking sum of $ 19,000,000,000. According to Theel Financial Times, WhatsApp “has made SMS on mobile phones what made Skype international calls on the fixed network.” It supports all the basic elements, with the notable absence of video chat, but you can use groups of messages , send multimedia files, and retrieve messages offline. WhatsApp is free for the first year, and costs one dollar the following year.

  1. Tango

With a redesigned interface, the elegant Tango works for more than 200 million users, and is one of the most downloaded applications on Android, thanks to its huge group chat support, large number of messaging features and social networks as updates for Share photos and states, as well as video quality and voice calls. You can also play with your friends, discover and share music with them, and browse the channels in different categories, including entertainment, sports, music, lifestyle, and news, all from the comfort of Tango.

  1. Viber

The 200 million users of Viber, have made a strong hole by itself for being a low cost messaging application for different platforms that do not require cumbersome connections and configuration, after installation, simply create a user account using a number of phone as username. Viber includes text, images and video on all platforms, with voice calls available only for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone from Microsoft. The chat application is synchronized with the phone’s address book, so users do not need to add contacts in a separate list.

  1. Skype

Is it necessary to talk about Skype? The name used to be synonymous with instant messaging and Skype was acquired by Microsoft for more than $ 8 billion dollars, which seemed crazy at that time, before Facebook acquired for $ 19 billion WhatsApp.

  1. Fring

Fring has been one of the most underestimated messaging applications since its inception, but it was the first to introduce group video calls with up to four people, and its international calling rates are the most economical of the whole group, including mobile phones in abroad

  1. Telegram

Currently available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Telegram has been strengthening as a mobile application that cares about data security. Taking the protection of the private data of the users quite seriously, is based on a personalized, secure and optimized data protocol. Telegram supports two layers of secure encryption, 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, RSA 2048 encryption and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange. It makes sense that their manufacturers are offering $ 200,000 to anyone who is capable of deciphering Telegram messages. An application for the true paranoid without being too paranoid, Telegram does not support group.

  1. LINE

LINE has been growing by leaps and bounds, invading the WhatsApp user, and it’s not hard to see why. It is a fresh and innovative instant messaging client that offers all the basics, and beyond, as a private chat mode.

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How to download and use Internet Download Manager

Download managers make it easy for you to create a queue of download requests to the different servers. Internet Download Manager allows you to split the file you need to download to streamline the download process and do it up to 5 times faster than if you do it from the browser.

Internet Download Manager

1: Download Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is probably one of the most used download managers in the world, and it is not by chance.

This download manager allows you to split each download into several different threads, thereby speeding it up to five times. It also allows downloads in batches and automatic update of download jobs so you can pause the download and even turn off the computer to, when you turn it on again, resume the download at the same point where you left.

In addition, Internet Download Manager crack allows you to download videos from streaming sites to view them later offline.

Internet Download Manager is not a free program. However, the developer allows you to try it for free during the first 30 days. After that trial period you must decide if you buy a license or you will have to uninstall it from your computer.

You can download Internet Download Manager from its official website to install it on your computer.

2: Optimize download speed with Internet Download Manager

Once downloaded, proceed to install Internet Download Manager on your computer.

Afterwards, you can optimize the speed of your downloads with Internet Download Manager. In the Downloads menu, click on Options to display the Internet Download Manager configuration box.

This download manager allows you to capture download links directly from the browser, and is compatible with any of the most commonly used browsers. It tells you the compatible browsers in the General tab of the options box. If the browser you are using does not appear in this list, you can add it by clicking the Add browser button.

Next, access the Connection tab for, in the Max. Number section. of connections, establish a value of between 4 and 8 simultaneous connections. If you exceed this number of connections it is possible that the download server temporarily blocks you, so that in the long run is counterproductive.

3: Select the destination folder for your downloads

The next step will be to configure the location where all the files downloaded by Internet Download Manager will be saved.

In origin, Internet Download Manager is configured to do it in the Downloads folder, and during the installation it creates different folders there in order to classify those downloads.

If you want to choose another storage unit different from the system so that the files are downloaded there, go to the Save tab of the Internet Download Manager configuration options box and use the Browse button to change the save path from the Directory section Download by default for the category.

You must repeat the same action for each of the categories in the Category section, and keep the Remember the last saved route for the category box checked.

4: Add download links

Internet Download Manager interacts with your browser to directly obtain the download links from the web pages you visit, so that the process to add links to the download manager is greatly simplified.

The first time you use the browser after installing Internet Download Manager, it will ask you to enable the extension of the download manager to allow the browser to send the download links to Internet Download Manager and it is the download manager and not the browser itself. the usual

Once you have allowed the installation of the add-on, you will only have to go to the page where the file to be downloaded is linked and click on it. Automatically an Internet Download Manager box will open in which you configure the options of the download.

For example, you can choose which category the link belongs to (general, video, documents, images, programs, etc.) or add a brief description about the contents of the file you are going to download. Click Start download to download immediately, download later to save all data on this link, but not download it for now.

The possibility of postponing the download is especially useful if you use a laptop because it allows you to save the downloads to run when you have a quality Wi-Fi network.

5: Downloading files with Internet Download Manager

If you have clicked the Start download button, it will start automatically in Internet Download Manager without you having to intervene in anything else.

If you have chosen to postpone it and you are ready to start it, simply select it in the list and click on Start queue so that the link is activated and Internet Download Manager starts downloading in order at the maximum speed that your Internet connection or Internet connection allows. connection of the server from which the data is being downloaded, since it is often these servers that limit the download speed of the file.

In each download task the estimated time information, amount of data downloaded, download speed, etc. is displayed.

7: Download a web page to see it offline

Internet Download Manager allows you to capture all types of links among which are also web pages. That way, if you want to download a web page to see it offline, you just have to access it and click with the right mouse button on any blank space.


The latest model from Maxtact is not just any, but it marks a milestone in the paintball marker development. Never before has a Bullpup Paintball Marker been produced for the worldwide paintball market in series. Although there were some smaller manufacturers and tinkers who have tried on rebuilds and mods for existing paintball weapons, but no comparable model like this.



We are often asked if we can provide more information about Maxtact’s new Bullpup model . We know a lot, but unfortunately not everything. Some things we can say with certainty, if we finally hold the good piece personally in our hands.

At this point we would like to share our knowledge with you and bring you up to date.


The basic concept of the Bullpup marker is the proven TGROne technik. Body and inner life have been adopted almost 1: 1 and equipped with various attachments. In principle, the Bullpup marker consists of the TGR housing with a modified rear cap with a remote connection, a new front shroud with extended barrel and a new grip that moves the trigger mechanism to the front third of the marker. The trigger movement is then transmitted to the rear of the trigger mechanism, which is located in the housing below the bolt.

Bolts and valves have been taken over from the TGR since this system is very trouble-free and has proven itself over many years.

The total length of the marker, from the shoulder support to the barrel, is between 70 and 80cm. We can only say more unfortunately, if we could measure personally.


Maxtact uses the same magazines for its Bullpup Markers as for all other models as well. This allows the customer to choose from 12 and 18-piece magazines in various colors (smoke, clear) and with them both regular Caliber 68 paintball balls as well as First Strike paintballs shots.


Bullpup weapons have been specially designed for use in buildings and sites with little space. Due to the very short set-up, these models are particularly easy to handle. The special feature lies in the arrangement of the closing mechanism in the housing. This is in the case of bullpup weapons as far back as possible in the case, which in turn allows the assembly of deuitably long runs, which in turn increases the precision of the weapons, compared to comparable models with the same frame size.

The magazine, the ammunition chamber and the lock are always located directly in the area of ​​the shoulder support. This makes these weapons so compact and effective.

Generating Effective Content for Your Web Page

We will talk in depth about content marketing and the importance of having quality and efficient content in front of your target audience.

It is nothing new to say that we are in the era of content marketing. But, what is it about?

It is important that the content you generate for the Internet has a purpose. Keep in mind that what you say on the Internet, is on the Internet. So how not to generate a content strategy?Today everything is about content. We are always looking for information about products, services, and people. On the Internet, you can find opinions, reputation, information and more. So, how do you handle the content of your brand? some people hire some writer to write for them and they are not giving a quality content that is required for every product and brand.some people used rewrite content and some of them only change few words and send it to a client to make sure the content given by writer is 100% unique or not you can use this Plagiarism Checker-By Seotoolnetwork that is an awesome tool to check content in google with each paragraph.

If you are not driving it, it is moving in anarchic ways and this can be a problem. It is important that you are the person who guides the opinions and information of your brand. Of course, it does not mean that there are no bad comments, but they can be kept to a minimum, or you can show yourself as a problem solver.Instead, the success of your content, can define your brand, accentuate it and even achieve position.Before starting, I would like to make a content definition of Tom Doctoroff: “Content is a creative execution, which is thought to seduce the consumer.”

There are very important points in this sentence. You must take each text as a creative creation, which is focused on finding specific results from your customers. Keep in mind that your content must seek an objective: inform, generate an action, sell, persuade, position, etc. No matter what the content, you must have one.

Generating Effective Content for Your Web Page

Tips for effective content on the Internet

Before you immerse yourself in content marketing, I recommend reading the following tips to make your strategy effective. They are very easy to follow. If you establish them as a mantra, you will see that your writing changes, becoming an effective way to generate marketing.

Your content must be reliable

First of all, the content should be easy to read. Do not fill it with technicalities or be complicated, but it must be friendly, for everyone to understand easily.It is important that all information you handle is verified, reliable and that you speak the truth. Do not exaggerate, but show the truth and emphasize your strengths.

It is also important that content is identified with your readers, that you speak their language, their expressions and that they feel someone like them has written it. For example, if you write for young people, the language should be cheerful and you can use their words. Of course, without losing focus and seriousness. You must be credible, do not force it.

If you fulfill this, you may be able to establish a relationship with your readers. This will make you want to read more often (boosting traffic and browsing time of your site) and that you position your site in better shape in the search engines, which is “the holy grail” of today: all we want to be in the first places, so the content, is also very important.

Generate interesting content that people want to read

It is important that the content is created by someone who likes to write. And preferably, have these tips when developing content.Think about your target audience, how is it? Surely you have a profile made, which is very important when developing content. This one should be interesting, attractive and speak in the same tone as your audience.

Try outsourcing your content, that is, write about what people want to read. And of course, good writing is very important. Having errors reduces the credibility of the content.void redundant content. It is important that you be creative, that you approach different points to approach the subject. Do not be afraid, the creative thing is more fun.

Tip: The best way to come up with a new idea is to “outsource content”, that is, think about a customer problem and how your product/service can solve it.Keep in mind that the Internet is a great source of information. Try to find information about your target audience, to detect their interests, their problems, their beliefs about your brand. In this way you can generate creative content tips, which helps them to take a new (more positive) position on your brand.

Xilisoft Video Editor Review 2017

Xilisoft Video Editor is one of the best video editing software that contains the functions of Video Joiner, Video Splitter and Video Cutter. With video editing software, you can join multiple video files together, split a file into multiple segments, select and cut your favorite segments super easy and fast, with excellent quality.

Like Video Joiner, Video Editor provides an easy and complete way to join and merge multiple video formats to one file. Video editing software supports such comprehensive video formats including AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, H.264 / PSP AVC, MOV, ASF, etc.

Like Video Splitter, the video editor supports splitting a video file to multiple segments manually or automatically as magic. If you prefer to split a movie automatically, you can specify the video editing software that was split by time, size, or split averagely.

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Alternatives: Download Filmora Video Editor 8.4.6 Crack + License Key

As a video cutter, Video Editor can help you select your favorite segments in a single file, and cut segments you do not like to meet your needs to perfect your movies and videos. Xilisoft Video Editor, that is, the best video editing software, is able to deal with so many tasks, such as video joining, split a video into segments, and cutting a video effortlessly with the highest speed and best quality Of video editing. Please, free Xilisoft Video Editor and have a wonderful experience right now!

As Video Joiner – Video editing software helps you to add multiple videos, even videos in different formats, and then merge and combine them into a file by magic. As Video Splitter – Video editing software splits a video file to multiple segments manually or automatically by time, size, or even splits into clips. As Video Cutter – Video editing software helps you to win your favorite segments of a video, and cutting others is not necessary.

In Xilisoft Video Editor there are many key features. When you use the Input function, you can add many types of video formats at the same time, and the output file should be one of the input formats.

For example, you add four files with different AVI, MPEG, 3GP, WMV formats in the software, and then are able to join these files in a file whose format must be one of the first four formats.

By joining all your files, you are allowed to set the video size, frame rate to get the perfect effect. By joining the files, it allows you to set the resize method.

The output videos could be in the mailbox, pan and scan, or full screen. Video Splitter supports manual and automatic separation. And if you prefer to split automatically, you can specify that it is divided by time or size, or even divided into clips. When using the Video Cutter function, you can set the start point and super end point accurately.

Xilisoft Video Editor Supports previewing. You can see both the original and output files. Video editing software offers low priority encoding in the background. You are able to customize the encoding to get the best performance. AfterDone action is presented in the magic video editing software.

You can designate the status after all your completed tasks: do nothing, automatically shut down, maintain latency, standby, or at the end of the program. You can choose your favorite skin to ensure your satisfaction with the selection of skins.

Xilisoft Video Editor is fully compatible with Intel Pentium D dual core and AMD Athlon? 64 X 2 Dual-Core. Xilisoft Video Editor is the multilingual version.


How to Know The Authority of a Domain: MozRank

The authority of a domain can be known through different metrics and its importance lies in knowing the true value of a website on the internet.Among the metrics that can give us a domain or website rating are MozRank (mR), Ahrefs Rank (AR), Alexa Rank or PageRank (PR).The evaluation that these indicators show us is based mainly on the mentions received through links.In addition to the received links, there are other measurement parameters that can change according to the tool used. For example, Alexa uses the visits or traffic received.

How to know the authority of a domain, site or web page through MozRank?

  • Today, the most popular and reliable metric to measure the authority of a domain, site or web page is MozRank.
  • In fact, it is the most used by SEO professionals (Search Engine Optimization) as a benchmark for search engine optimization.
  • The international recognition company that creates it is called Moz and is dedicated to developing tools and other SEO resources.
  • In this article, we will also try other metrics that can guide us on the prestige of a domain on the internet, although at the moment we can say that MozRank is the most recognized reference.


MozRank (mR) is a value between 1 and 10 that measures the authority of a site or web page. It is said that the average value of a normal website has a value of 3.In its classification uses two decimals (3.77, 4.12, 5.45 …) which allows to better define the difference between different pages.Note: When referring to a website it is the main domain from which multiple web pages hang. The website is the set of all web pages.For this reason, a distinction is made between the authority of a web page (PA = page authority) and that of the main domain (DA = domain authority).Moz also uses another value called MozTrust (mT) to measure reliability, but we will focus on the MozRank (mR) and especially on the authority of a domain and a web page.The MozRank is based on the quantity and quality of links that a domain or web page receives. The higher the quality of links received, the greater its value.The MozRank only takes into account a vote or link for each domain so a web page will show fewer links than those reported by other tools.The tool that displays this feedback based on received votes or links is called Open Site Explorer (OSE).This analytical tool offers several metrics and through them, a user can assess the authority, prestige and reliability of a domain or web page.

How to know the authority of a domain MozRank

Moz metrics to catalog the importance of a page or website are:

  • MozRank (mR)
  • MozTrust (mT)
  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Page Authority (PA)

From here, we will focus on the last two (Domain Authority and Page Authority).

Domain Authority | Page Authority | Moz

As before, Moz uses a value to numerically express the importance of a domain or a specific web page.It is the authority of a domain (DA) and the authority of a page (PA). Both indicators have a value between 0 and 100.The higher the DA or PA, the better position will be that page or domain.The easiest way to know the DA and the PA is through the installation of an extension, called Mozbar, in our browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.Once you download the Moz bar, in addition to seeing directly in your browser the PA, DA and mR, you will also be able to see the number of incoming links of a web page.If you are an SEO fan, you will also have access in the free version from your browser to the following elements: Highlight Links. You can highlight different types of links (followed, no-followed, internal and external)SERP (Search Engine Results Page) control panel or the search results page. In it you can define custom search profiles.if you are not intrested to install any extantion you may check this domain authority checker tool which is free of cost.

On-Page Elements. You can display onpage SEO elements like meta tags General Attributes. It helps you in other technical aspects (IP, metarobots, page loading speed, etc.)Markup. You can identify marked content (, Open Graph Protocol, Twitter Cards, Microformats, etc.)Http Status. Check the status of the page code So, now that you know how to measure the authority of a domain on the internet, you’re probably wondering how you can increase the mozRank of your website.You can upload the mR in two ways: by getting many links with an average level that point to your domain or web pages, or by gaining fewer quality links that are above average.Other metrics for knowing the authority of a domain or web page

Ahrefs Rank

So, now that you know how to measure the authority of a domain on the internet, you’re probably wondering how you can increase the Moz rank of your website.You can upload  in two ways: by getting many links with an average level that point to your domain or web pages, or by gaining fewer quality links that are above average.Other metrics for knowing the authority of a domain or web page


Ahrefs Rank

Ahrefs is an SEO analysis tool that uses its own ranking which is calculated through the number of incoming links of a website and its popularity.It has its own ranking to measure the authority of a domain or web page that is called Ahrefs Rank (AR).The data is collected through its own database that does not depend on other services or search engines (Alexa, Google, etc.)Like the previous metrics, it uses an Ahrefs Site Explorer tool that provides information about the authority ranking of a website.Its valuation is between 0 and 100 and its relevance is indicated with the following scale:

  • Between 0 and 20 it is a little relevant domain
  • Between 21 and 70 is in the average
  • Greater than 71 means a domain with great authority

Alexa Rank

Alexa is another ranking that is based on traffic statistics through the web analysis of millions of users using its toolbar (Alexa Toolbar).If you use your toolbar, it constantly sends information from the websites you visit. From the number of users makes a forecast of visits and thus elaborates its classification.This ranking can help to make an estimate of the visits that a website receives, but it is limited when collecting the data of the users who have installed its bar.Not all browsers and operating systems support the Rank Toolbar, in addition in some countries like USA is more popular than others.On the other hand, users who install it may have common interest profiles and may cause them to visit more one category of websites than others.The consequence of the above is that an overvaluation or undervaluation can occur in the ranking value for certain categories of websites.The lower the Alexa Ranking, the more reliable this value is when collecting a larger number of users in the sample and offering greater stability in the number of visits.To give you some guidance, the websites with the highest traffic are usually below 100,000 worldwide.If you want to deepen this tool, I advise this article about Alexa Rank where it explains its main advantages and disadvantages.


Google PageRank, also called PR, is a ranking system that allows us to consult the importance of a page through different factors, the main being the quantity and quality of the links that receive the same.Each link is interpreted as a vote of confidence towards a page, just as we have seen in the Moz Rank.The rating of websites is between 0 and 10. How many more votes, greater authority and importance has that web page which facilitates a better positioning.If you want to know more about PageRank, you can check the article on if Google PageRank means a good web positioning.PageRank has not been updated since December 2013 and that is one of the reasons for its progressive disuse.


If you want to know the authority of a domain on the internet, I advise you to use the MozRank first and then the Ahrefs ranking.If you want to recognize the importance of a domain or website that is a reference in your industry, you can get a complimentary idea with an approximation of your web traffic through Alexa Rank, especially if its value is less than 100,000 at the level world.If you liked, please leave a “I like” and share it in your favorite networks.

How To Stay Anonymous While Using WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp as a unanimous user might sound tricky but it can be achieved with the help of the techniques used by the geeks. After prolong use and researching in the application methods of the app, it is now possible to bypass the verification methods of WhatsApp very easily. Though GBWhatsapp or better say modded whatsapp does provide the option of being more secure which can be achieved via dual whatsapp. But it is good to follow these steps to still be anonymous while you use WhatsApp.

WhatsaApp secret tricks

How To Stay Anonymous while you are on Whatsapp

Using WhatsApp without identifying yourself

If you are in need of sending messages without using your identity, then all you have to do is to use the PC mode of the app. It is a kind of mobile application that allows the user to operate via Windows PC browsers with the help of its web interface. The app sends a verification code when after the installation process to check you in as a verified user. The trick behind using a temporary mobile number will aid you in bypassing the security measures and send messages or media to the audience without being recognized.

Follow these steps and become an unidentified user.

  • You will need a robust internet connection, a smartphone, and a computer or a laptop.
  • Download WhatsApp by visiting the app store on your phone. Follow all the instructions the app interface is asking before entering the mobile number.
  • Accept the terms and conditions mentioned in the installation interface of the app. If you already have installed WhatsApp before then, you will find your old number appearing in the space. You have to select the ‘Change Number’ option from the settings of the app.
  • It is time to find a valid number available on the various online platforms like or These websites deliver phone numbers that are not connected to your identity. Choose a number from the provided list and copy it. Do not close the website window containing the unanimous number.
  • Paste the number into the verification field of WhatsApp. Opt for the message verification method in the app for the respective number. You will receive a verifying message for that number on the website.
  • The verification code will appear on the website. You need to fill that up in the app field to complete the process.
  • After entering the verification code, complete all the necessary formalities and start using the app as an unidentified user. The number will not get back to you as a back trail.

You do not have to reveal your number and can privately use WhatsApp.