How to download and use Internet Download Manager

Download managers make it easy for you to create a queue of download requests to the different servers. Internet Download Manager allows you to split the file you need to download to streamline the download process and do it up to 5 times faster than if you do it from the browser.

Internet Download Manager

1: Download Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is probably one of the most used download managers in the world, and it is not by chance.

This download manager allows you to split each download into several different threads, thereby speeding it up to five times. It also allows downloads in batches and automatic update of download jobs so you can pause the download and even turn off the computer to, when you turn it on again, resume the download at the same point where you left.

In addition, Internet Download Manager crack allows you to download videos from streaming sites to view them later offline.

Internet Download Manager is not a free program. However, the developer allows you to try it for free during the first 30 days. After that trial period you must decide if you buy a license or you will have to uninstall it from your computer.

You can download Internet Download Manager from its official website to install it on your computer.

2: Optimize download speed with Internet Download Manager

Once downloaded, proceed to install Internet Download Manager on your computer.

Afterwards, you can optimize the speed of your downloads with Internet Download Manager. In the Downloads menu, click on Options to display the Internet Download Manager configuration box.

This download manager allows you to capture download links directly from the browser, and is compatible with any of the most commonly used browsers. It tells you the compatible browsers in the General tab of the options box. If the browser you are using does not appear in this list, you can add it by clicking the Add browser button.

Next, access the Connection tab for, in the Max. Number section. of connections, establish a value of between 4 and 8 simultaneous connections. If you exceed this number of connections it is possible that the download server temporarily blocks you, so that in the long run is counterproductive.

3: Select the destination folder for your downloads

The next step will be to configure the location where all the files downloaded by Internet Download Manager will be saved.

In origin, Internet Download Manager is configured to do it in the Downloads folder, and during the installation it creates different folders there in order to classify those downloads.

If you want to choose another storage unit different from the system so that the files are downloaded there, go to the Save tab of the Internet Download Manager configuration options box and use the Browse button to change the save path from the Directory section Download by default for the category.

You must repeat the same action for each of the categories in the Category section, and keep the Remember the last saved route for the category box checked.

4: Add download links

Internet Download Manager interacts with your browser to directly obtain the download links from the web pages you visit, so that the process to add links to the download manager is greatly simplified.

The first time you use the browser after installing Internet Download Manager, it will ask you to enable the extension of the download manager to allow the browser to send the download links to Internet Download Manager and it is the download manager and not the browser itself. the usual

Once you have allowed the installation of the add-on, you will only have to go to the page where the file to be downloaded is linked and click on it. Automatically an Internet Download Manager box will open in which you configure the options of the download.

For example, you can choose which category the link belongs to (general, video, documents, images, programs, etc.) or add a brief description about the contents of the file you are going to download. Click Start download to download immediately, download later to save all data on this link, but not download it for now.

The possibility of postponing the download is especially useful if you use a laptop because it allows you to save the downloads to run when you have a quality Wi-Fi network.

5: Downloading files with Internet Download Manager

If you have clicked the Start download button, it will start automatically in Internet Download Manager without you having to intervene in anything else.

If you have chosen to postpone it and you are ready to start it, simply select it in the list and click on Start queue so that the link is activated and Internet Download Manager starts downloading in order at the maximum speed that your Internet connection or Internet connection allows. connection of the server from which the data is being downloaded, since it is often these servers that limit the download speed of the file.

In each download task the estimated time information, amount of data downloaded, download speed, etc. is displayed.

7: Download a web page to see it offline

Internet Download Manager allows you to capture all types of links among which are also web pages. That way, if you want to download a web page to see it offline, you just have to access it and click with the right mouse button on any blank space.

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