Good Communication Skills can be Learned – in 14 Steps to a Successful Real Estate Acquisition

Your success as a real estate broker depends on the quality of your customer contacts. Whom you convince with your work, will recommend you. It is an advantage if you work with housing associations and artisans, but also clients who have bought a house or rented a property are kind and competent. Even if you are managing a large portfolio of objects, you should not neglect the acquisition of new customers. Admittedly, this is not an easy task. Not every call or conversation will lead to an appointment or completion. But you can work to make it more frequent appointments and more deals and you will win satisfied new customers.


The A & O of any acquisition is to be aware of what the customer wants and what you can offer. Gather information and up-to-date data for your cold quotes, get a picture of the initial situation from our customer base and find the advantages that the customer gains with you as a business partner. Make a list of potential customers and work them out.

Tip: Also note the various possible response types via visits or emails.

Be self-confident Find your strengths and what distinguishes you from colleagues. Write down your achievements and experiences, you will be surprised by the amount of positive. People who are more indecisive, appreciate binding behavior. So show a calm self-assurance and calm determination to win over these customers. Tip: Who knows what he wants to say speaks safer.

Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals

Ask yourself how realistic your goals are. You will surely not be the most successful real estate broker in Bremen today. But within a manageable time, the competent, reliable contact for all property questions in the district, is quite possible. This way, you can avoid frustration and pressure that can be transferred to the customer.

Tip: Divide your goals into realistic individual steps.

Use a pictorial, positive, and emotional language

Most decisions are made more emotionally than rationally, even if we do not want to do so. Always choose a positive expression and try to be as happy as possible when you are on the phone. This makes it both attractive and inviting.

Tip: Create a list of positive expressions around the real estate area that eliminate negative expressions.

Speaking is word and sound

The information you give to the customer is not only in the words, but also in the sound of your voice. If you like to speak, you notice that in your voice and this positive mood is transferred to your conversation partner.

Tip: Before the phone call, remember a nice event and start the conversation with a smile.

Be different, because the special is attractive

Show yourself in the conversation as a person with whom one likes to speak, because it stands out from the too busy callers.

Tip: Be authentic and try to be honest with the person you are talking to.

Make the conversation positive

The conversation is often considered to be the biggest hurdle. This impression is based on the fact that rejection by the call partner is particularly frequently signaled here. On the phone, it is easy for the conversation partner to end the conversation. You conversation is the only thing that will help you to sell stunning condos on a profitable sale price. This is why it is so important that you approach him in a friendly and friendly way, even if you ask only the simple question whether the object is still available.

This is a good start anyway, because usually the answer is “Yes”. The question can be answered very well, if the interlocutor agrees that you offer the object also to customers of your real estate agency. You will usually receive a positive response to this offer. This is the time to praise the object and ask for an appointment. You also want to examine the safe interior, to see if it fits into your own portfolio.

If you have a different offer to make, do not ask for a general interest of the conversation partner, but rather, what and what point it interests him.

Tip: If your research does not lead to an individual entry into the discussion, a neutral factual question, which anyone else could ask, is recommended.

Regularly name your call partner

You should not only know the name, function or company name when you welcome and adopt. Also, during the conversation, include many sentences with the name of your conversation partner, or ask important questions about the attribution.

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