’s 55,000 Users Accounts Compromised, which LinkedIn bought last year, is facing a serious security breach. Linkedin will be remembered and purchased by Microsoft and the agreement between the two companies has been completed in the past days.'s 55,000 Users Accounts Compromised

According to the email sent to users over the weekend, the attack affected the account of 55,000 users. According to Neowin, Linkedin said that by commenting on an official statement, he was resetting the passwords of the accounts for the purpose of prevention.

In addition to the relatively small number of users affected by the attack, an important detail is that the leaked passwords are encrypted. A Linkedin official said that 55,000 users reset their password for precaution, while about 9.5 million users with student information were stored in the database without a password. The firm said that there was no evidence that these data were released and added additional steps to secure accounts.

Linkedin announced that she bought in April 2015 and Lynda said that “quality and comprehensive video content adds strength to those who want to accelerate their career.” As Microsoft has pointed out, Microsoft has yet to acquire the giant LinkedIn. Although tries to make this leak seem like nothing, it is hard to deny that the living is unfortunate for Microsoft.

Via: Engadget

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