Benefits of body massage

Benefits of body massage To intensify the effects, it is advisable to apply heat before the massage, in order to increase the circulation of blood in the muscles.In today’s times where stress and worry abound because of the many responsibilities that we face at work, with children, studies, economic situation and diseases, we need to dedicate time for ourselves in some way and invest in our health to avoid consequences Counterproductive.Massage or also called Masotherapy has been used over time for the many benefits it offers us, in this article we will talk about the benefits of massage to include it within the measures to fight against stress preventing the negative effects it produces in our body.

Benefits of massages

It is anti stress, relieves emotional stress, relaxes and relaxes muscles, as it increases blood circulation, eliminating the waste products accumulated in the bloodstream. At the level of the circulatory system, it reduces the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. The person experiences a sense of calm and tranquility.

Reduces pain, by improving blood circulation nutrients and oxygen reach the neediest areas more quickly. Reduces inflammation and improves wound healing. The contact of the specialist’s hand with our body gives comfort, also regulates and relieves psycho-physical tension.It gives greater elasticity to the skin, it becomes smooth and smooth. In the digestive system gastric secretions increase, improving stomach and intestinal problems. It strengthens the immune system, because there is better and more blood circulation in the body, it detoxifies and thus can cope with diseases more effectively.

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Benefits of body massage

What areas of the body require more massages?

Actually the whole body is benefited by a good massage done by a specialist, remember the importance of resorting to a person trained to avoid further pain and discomfort because of using a bad technique.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the therapist must increase the pressure or force of the massage as the patient allows it, you should never carry out massages and forceful. A contracted muscle needs time to relax or relax, excessive pressure can cause further pain and inflammation.The places that usually require massages are the neck, back and waist area. Stress and nerves generally affect the neck and back, while the waist is most affected by bad movements, or by loading inappropriate weights.

In what cases should we avoid massages?

Febrile states, recent trauma, broken muscles, unhealed wounds, infectious diseases, advanced varicose veins, infectious skin diseases, among others. Always comment to the therapist in case of suffering from an illness to know if we are able to receive a massage.

How to start a good massage session?

In principle the place should be quiet, and set for the situation. The person requesting a massage needs a lot of peace of mind. It would be good to talk to the therapist about our tastes, if we like a soft music, some special aroma, the light above all must be dim, and the atmosphere air-conditioned.Applying heat prior to the session helps increase blood circulation in muscles by intensifying the effects of massage. It can be done through an infrared lamp, which would be a medium used by a physiotherapist, this heat is applied over a period of 10 to 15 minutes.

The heat produced must be pleasant for the duration of the application. All people are different, some can tolerate more heat than others, white skin are less resistant and more prone to burns. Attention to these recommendations to avoid unpleasant moments. Then the session is started smoothly and slowly to fully enjoy the benefits that massage offers us.


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Good Communication Skills can be Learned – in 14 Steps to a Successful Real Estate Acquisition

Your success as a real estate broker depends on the quality of your customer contacts. Whom you convince with your work, will recommend you. It is an advantage if you work with housing associations and artisans, but also clients who have bought a house or rented a property are kind and competent. Even if you are managing a large portfolio of objects, you should not neglect the acquisition of new customers. Admittedly, this is not an easy task. Not every call or conversation will lead to an appointment or completion. But you can work to make it more frequent appointments and more deals and you will win satisfied new customers.


The A & O of any acquisition is to be aware of what the customer wants and what you can offer. Gather information and up-to-date data for your cold quotes, get a picture of the initial situation from our customer base and find the advantages that the customer gains with you as a business partner. Make a list of potential customers and work them out.

Tip: Also note the various possible response types via visits or emails.

Be self-confident Find your strengths and what distinguishes you from colleagues. Write down your achievements and experiences, you will be surprised by the amount of positive. People who are more indecisive, appreciate binding behavior. So show a calm self-assurance and calm determination to win over these customers. Tip: Who knows what he wants to say speaks safer.

Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals

Ask yourself how realistic your goals are. You will surely not be the most successful real estate broker in Bremen today. But within a manageable time, the competent, reliable contact for all property questions in the district, is quite possible. This way, you can avoid frustration and pressure that can be transferred to the customer.

Tip: Divide your goals into realistic individual steps.

Use a pictorial, positive, and emotional language

Most decisions are made more emotionally than rationally, even if we do not want to do so. Always choose a positive expression and try to be as happy as possible when you are on the phone. This makes it both attractive and inviting.

Tip: Create a list of positive expressions around the real estate area that eliminate negative expressions.

Speaking is word and sound

The information you give to the customer is not only in the words, but also in the sound of your voice. If you like to speak, you notice that in your voice and this positive mood is transferred to your conversation partner.

Tip: Before the phone call, remember a nice event and start the conversation with a smile.

Be different, because the special is attractive

Show yourself in the conversation as a person with whom one likes to speak, because it stands out from the too busy callers.

Tip: Be authentic and try to be honest with the person you are talking to.

Make the conversation positive

The conversation is often considered to be the biggest hurdle. This impression is based on the fact that rejection by the call partner is particularly frequently signaled here. On the phone, it is easy for the conversation partner to end the conversation. You conversation is the only thing that will help you to sell stunning condos on a profitable sale price. This is why it is so important that you approach him in a friendly and friendly way, even if you ask only the simple question whether the object is still available.

This is a good start anyway, because usually the answer is “Yes”. The question can be answered very well, if the interlocutor agrees that you offer the object also to customers of your real estate agency. You will usually receive a positive response to this offer. This is the time to praise the object and ask for an appointment. You also want to examine the safe interior, to see if it fits into your own portfolio.

If you have a different offer to make, do not ask for a general interest of the conversation partner, but rather, what and what point it interests him.

Tip: If your research does not lead to an individual entry into the discussion, a neutral factual question, which anyone else could ask, is recommended.

Regularly name your call partner

You should not only know the name, function or company name when you welcome and adopt. Also, during the conversation, include many sentences with the name of your conversation partner, or ask important questions about the attribution.

Best Pillows Reviewed for your Better Sleep

A good pillow is very important to get a good night sleep. Different people have different priorities for pillow types. Therapists recommend that people should try to sleep on their sides. It gives better blood circulation to the heart and brain. Sleeping straight is not harmful, but you need to go on aside once in awhile during your sleep, so the distance between your spine and head fills. Sleeping in the wrong position not only gives you tired shoulders and neck but also can cause long-term spine problems. Here are a few pillows which can give you a peaceful sleep at night.

1. Shredded memory foam pillow with vicose royan cover

Shredded memory foam pillow with vicose royan cover

This pillow attempts to combine the support of a memory foam pillow with the softness and malleability of a down pillow. Some of the customers refer to it as an adjustable cloud. It is soft yet supports your neck and spine. This pillow is best for people who have had neck issues in the past. It supports your neck like nothing else. It takes the shape of your shoulder bone so make sure that you do not go through any discomfort. The shredded memory foam gives you the exact support you need for a peaceful and pain-free sleep. Manufacturers have carefully designed this pillow and made is hypoallergenic. It is a durable and reliable pillow for a sound sleep.

2. Snuggle-pedic bamboo memory foam pillow

Snuggle-pedic bamboo memory foam pillow

This pillow is guaranteed never to go flat; no matter how much you use it and how much weight you put on it. It is made of high quality shredded memory foam for easy shaping with cool air flow and ultimate comfort. It offers a lot of support without any stiffness and unyielding feel of a foam slab. Not just for side sleepers, it can be used for any sleeping position. However, it is the best pillow for side sleepers because of its plush profile and thickness. People who have used this say that this pillow is like getting a massage every night before falling asleep.

3. Shredded memory foam pillow by Good Life Essentials

Shredded memory foam pillow by Good Life Essentials

Anything that is offered by a well-reputed company adds to the value. Same is the case here. This pillow is free of ozone depletes, lead and mercury. It also does not contain any harmful flame retardants. This pillow is a preferable choice for people who like to use soft pillows. It comforts your neck and provides support to the spine. By using this pillow, you can have a good distance between head and spine to keep both of them well supported. It comes with a washable cover as well. Moreover, the bamboo does not retain the moisture either absorbs heat.

4. Down alternative pillow by five start

Down alternative pillow by five start

This pillow will be a delightful choice for people who prefer sleeping on a feather pillow rather than a thick memory foam pillow. The inner is soft and fluffy, giving you a plush, luxurious feeling. You do not have to worry about any allergic reactions as the material used to manufacture and design this pillow is tested and experimented. You will not have to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust the pillow according to your desired shape. Even if you wash it in the machine, it will be just as soft as a new one.

Make sure you know your equipment and preferable sleeping position before you buy a pillow. It plays a major role in giving you the right amount of rest and a peaceful sleep before you get up the next day to face new challenges of life.

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A lot of people prefer eating steamed vegetables. They say that the nutrients of vegetables can be taken advantage of only if you eat them after giving them a good steam. So, here is a review of the best steamers for vegetables. Most of them would have the same features, but their efficiency and performance varies.

1. Aroma Housewares 8-Cup (Cooked) (4-Cup UNCOOKED) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-914D)

Aroma Housewares 8-Cup (Cooked) (4-Cup UNCOOKED) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (ARC-914D)

This convenient cooker’s generous capacity perfectly allows for healthy steaming of meats and vegetables. You can save a lot of your cooking time by up to 50%. It is an easy to use steamer with programmable digital controls. Once the vegetables are steamed, the steamer keeps them warm for as long as you want. So, there is no need to look after the steamer and worry about spoiling your vegetables due to excessive steaming. The steamer comes with a serving spatula, measuring cup and a steam tray. Also, it is easy to clean.

2. Oster CKSTSTMD5-W 5-Quart Food Steamer

Oster CKSTSTMD5-W 5-Quart Food Steamer

The Oster 5-Quart Double-Tiered Food Steamer combines countertop convenience with healthy options for delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals. You get to enjoy tender vegetables with the help of this amazing steamer. It retains the nutrients of vegetables just by giving the exact required amount of steam without adding any oil or butter. You get to save a lot of extra calories. There is a time on the steamer; you can set it if you are dealing with vegetables like carrot that take a bit longer to become edible. All the parts of the steamer are dishwasher friendly, which means easy cleaning. The steamer comes with storage bowls that are fridge and microwave friendly.

3. BELLA 7.4 Quart Healthy Food Steamer, Dual Basket

BELLA 7.4 Quart Healthy Food Steamer, Dual Basket

This vegetable steamer is also a preferable choice, as it comes with two steaming containers. You can put your vegetables in one and meat or chicken in the other. There is a steaming chart on the machine which guides you about the time you need to give to certain food items to make them edible. It works well for rice as well. This feature can be understood with the specialized steaming grain tray that comes with the steamer. It has a desirable design that will not take a lot of space in your kitchen. The steamer switches itself off when the vegetables are ready; there is no issue of getting your vegetable over cooker or over steamed.

4. Ovente 7.5-Quart 3-Tier Electric Food Steamer with Rice Bowl

Ovente 7.5-Quart 3-Tier Electric Food Steamer with Rice Bowl

You can steam your vegetables in a nice and healthy way with this food steamer. It comes with three-tier stackable and removable transparent containers. It also has a 60-minute timer in 15 minute interval with power indicator light. The auto shut-off function is helpful when the timer is done or when the water tank is empty. There is a built-in water level indicator that tells you the quantity of water that you need to put in. it is an easy to clean steamer with dishwasher safe containers and comfortable weight. Customers like to take it with then on picnics, as it is easy to pack and carry.

5. Cuisinart STM-1000 CookFresh Digital Glass Steamer, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart STM-1000 CookFresh Digital Glass Steamer, Stainless Steel

This steamer has changed the minds of a lot of people who went crazy for plastic body. This steamer has a stainless steel boy and a powerful steam system that delivers steam from top to bottom, surrounding the food to cook quickly and evenly. The 5-liter glass cooking pot is large enough for family-size portions of vegetables, fish, chicken, and rice. 1 liter water tank is enough to make sufficient amount of steam. Customers have good things to say about this steamer; highlighting the easy to use feature along with a manual for cooking settings.

How to use a Vegetable Steamer?


Add a vegetable steam to your kitchen today and enjoy the full nutrients of everything you eat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

While Apple has just just released its first huge phone, Samsung’s gigantic note is already in its fourth iteration. In many ways, it is the great phone that started this runaway race of screen size. But despite facing a growing army of top-size competitors, note 4 is the only giant phone that does well.
What is it?
A 5.7-inch Android phone with an impressive QHD, Super AMOLED screen from PPI 518. The flagship needle equipped “phablet” that made great phones a thing. Best Samsung phone yet.
Why does it matter?
The Galaxy Note has always been on the bleeding edge of very large, freaking giant phones, the size of OMG, but now the rest of the world is finally starting to catch up. Apple has a honker, and so does Nokia. LG’s flagship is a biggun and HTC and Motorola slowly slip on the scale. But note 4 is the only huge phone out there that really embraces its gigantic size in any meaningful way. He has a pencil! And split screen multitasking! It even makes windows!
Nor is it not simply a thing of size. Note 4 has a positively insane display. The best on any smartphone, according to experts. Throw in battery life historically from the note line and note 4 capacity of moonlight as an Oculus-approved VR earphone and note 4 has a hell of a lot of stuff for it. All Apologies to the Galaxy S5, but the note looks more like Samsung’s flagship true.

Mostly unchanged since the Galaxy Note 3, except in some small ways they make it much better. First of all, this sucker is soft. Far left are bright plastic edges, metallic color corrugated note 3, replaced by beveled, glossy edges that are actually made of metal. And while the 4 note still clings to that feature now feature Samsung’s artificial leather, at least there is no imitation stitching around the edges. Note 3 always gave me the impression that I tried to look like a cousin more than I was. Note 4 is simply old premium. It is the first phone from Samsung that I am not ashamed to stand next to an iPhone or HTC One. This is a phone that has your dress clothes. Go strong.

The new beveled edges are not just for show though. They make it easier to keep the damn thing. The angles allow the massive phone to fit snugly into a nice solid grip, like holding a giant iPhone 5S. Is beautiful. When I press down on him, he feels like he is becoming safer instead of feeling like he is at risk of bursting out of my hand. That’s a security class I can not get from phones with more rounded edges, like the iPhone 6 Plus, older versions of the note, or even comparatively smaller phones like the 5.2 inch X 2014 Moto.Yes, note 4 is a big phone, but it’s worth noting that it really is not that much bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus. Note 4 as a very minimal bezel, which means that despite the note 4 has a larger screen than the 5.5-inch iPhone. 6 In addition, the phone essentially the same size. It is only two mm wider, two millimeters thick and actually four millimeters shorter than the Plus 6. And even with the very few millimeters, its design helps to manage to feel smaller.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

That being said, it’s still bad in a lot of things that big phones are bad in note 4. I found that writing with one hand to be possible but precarious, especially when my thumb had to reach for something in the bottom right of The screen, which made my grip (lack of) feel downright dangerous. Sliding down the notification menu with a thumb and then trying to do something at the bottom of the screen requires unpleasant and dangerous seizure adjustment.
What a great body is not for nothing; Holds amazing screen of note screen 4. None the best I have seen and by a wide margin. 2560 x 1440 Quad HD Super AMOLED screen jumps in a way that is stunning, immediately. It is almost impossible to clear, with colors that appear like crazy. Carrying the phone to sleep thoroughly over all yellow is like taking that first step out on a sunny day, every time you turn it on. It is a screen that will make people stop, look and ask questions deliciously stimulate the ego.Of course the note still has its own built-in stylus, which will give you the precision tip when you give it up and only use both hands. Unfortunately, the needle missed out on updating the design that has the rest of note 4, ie it is very jumping, with plastic plated look its eraser end. Taking out that needle, it really brings the rest of the new note 4 in relief.

Note 4 is a bright and beautiful speedster. It is one of the first door phones to run Qualcomm’s new 805 Snapdragon processor, and power is evident. Note 4 worked everything I could pull on it like a creamy, buttery dream. I played some Dead Trigger 2, hoplite, three, all standard games and all perform great – not to mention everyday things like going between start screens and navigating through the drawer application

aking into account that Note 4 not only has a QHD screen pixel bonkers to push but also loaded with a layer of TouchWiz, it has a tradition of jamming of Samsung mobile phones (like Note 3 and S5) outside the gate , That performance is a relief. Who knows what the next version of TouchWiz could do … but for now the 4th note is incredibly fast.
Speaking of that QHD screen, it looks great practically all the time. The only exception is outside in sunlight, where it felt like you just could not handle the brightness up enough enough. But on the inside, the maximum brightness almost blinding. At some point the wow factor fades into the background, and not everything I vomited on the screen was able to make use of all those pixels; Finding funds that was high enough resolution to see well and that also scaling properly was a challenge. On the other hand, applications and web pages always looked at least well if not mind-boggling. And oh my God, text looks great:
But even with that crazy high resolution screen, note 4 solid battery life. Note 4 has a 3,200 mAh “mere” battery, no bigger than the 3rd note, but I have to die on me before the day is a. One day, after throwing the note from the shipper at 8:00, they have played as three hours of hoplite over the course of the day (UF, that game is so good) and still was going strong with 15 percent loading by the Time from 1:00 onwards. Worst of all, I reached the mark of 20 percent at approximately 10:00 pm, the monochrome energy-saving mode on, and crossed well into the night in black and white.Thanks to the note 4 fast charge (which is a not entirely unique feature) I was also able to pop up a respectable 45 precent battery with a half hour charge. So within territory “I’m going to waste time at this Starbucks for a while” and that to be helpful.

Many people hate the cruft that Samsung fills on their phones. I’ve always been one of them (I think I’m still). But TouchWiz, the Samsung interface layers above Android, has come a long way. It was less offensive than the Galaxy S5, but this is a key moment because TouchWiz is more active than passive for the first time.
Samsung’s skin has always given the note size own special superpowers. Split screen applications have been a feature of the note line for ages, good for watching a YouTube video at the top of the screen while doing literally nothing that is not “reading comments on a YouTube video” on the Bottom, or to look at your mail and your calendar at the same time.
But TouchWiz takes it even further. Selected applications (all Samsung and Google apps plus some randoms like Facebook, in my experience), can be reduced in windows with a simple gesture, or in small icons of head-like Chat and moved by the screen. The new note is not just a big phone; Is a small computer, with Android.
On the one hand, this kind of functionality seems a no-brainer if you’ve never used a real computer, but it’s unheard of on a phone. And rightly so! It would be impossible to get out even on a large 5.7-inch screen (by pocket standards) if it were not for two things: a high-resolution panel that allows even small text reading clearly and a pencil to help you Click small things accurately. It is a task that is specially prepared for note 4, and pulls it well.
At first it seemed efectista. Why do you need multiple windows on a phone? Well, they do not need it, but they are great from time to time. After a few hours with the tools note around, I realized how handy it was to keep a minimized camera window on the hoplite playing screen, so I was able to capture fast, cute cat images and Snapchat to my girlfriend. Later I used a minimum Gmail on Google Maps to check the room number of a business meeting without ever blocking my route on the screen. None of these things would be impossible by simply switching between applications or opening things on split screen, but they were better with windows.

None of these things would be impossible by simply switching between applications or opening things on split screen, but they were better with windows.The options are not absolutely unlimited though. I failed when I tried to make a paraffin minimized window carriage for a set of three (only I was testing, I swear!) Because slack did not shrink right down. Other great players like Twitter and Spotify refuse as well. For now, anyway.And while you can open as many windows as you want, Samsung told me that there is no practical limit for how many – Note 4 started suffocating under the weight of about five. Also when I tried to open more, for shit and laughter, I just ran out of space to manage all of them.

If we stick to a more modest two or even three, you can also drag and drop text and images from one window to another in this way. I did it once or twice, but I found the limitations rather quick. A lot of Google applications, such as meeting places, do not want to accept images this way. So if you want to take advantage of that, you’ll have yourself relegated to Samsung apps, at least at launch. And who wants to do that?
But perhaps the biggest strength of Samsung software this time is what not: do not throw the phone in the foot. TouchWiz has always made note phones better with split screen and stylus support, but traditionally it has done more to worsen with performance lagging fattening and ugly menu to ugly menu. TouchWiz in note 3 made me give up and return to a nexus before I could appreciate any of its benefits. But now that TouchWiz did not scare me on the first date, I was able to stay long enough to grow from its charms.
The camera in Note 4 is, for the most part, the same 16MP handle you will find on the Galaxy S5 when it comes to image quality. That is, your pictures have a tendency to wind up a little oversaturated and a bit heavy in contrast, but still good – even damn good, for a mobile phone camera. At least as long as the lights are on; Like the S5, note 4 not very well under low light conditions. You can read a bit more about how the sensor on the S5 rises to the competition in our large camera smartphone rodeo, which helps to contextualize note 4.

And here are some sample photos of the real Note 4:

The new things provided by note 4 are double. Firstly, that 16MP rear-facing shooter is now equipped with optical image stabilization. That is not new or unique technology, of course, the iPhone 6 Plus also has OIS as an improvement over the iPhone 6 camera. But it is useful to have; Most of my photos came out pretty clear. Way clearer than the photograph of Nexus 5 bad quality that I have accustomed.
There are some of the features (quite efectista) on the front side. Front-facer of note 4 is a respectable 3.7 megapixels, with a wide-angle selfie mode that allows you to take panoramas. It’s a feature that looks both over the top and suspiciously foreshadowed by that Samsung selfie trick of the Oscars. We hope to see that horse stroll out again. In addition, it may be heart sensor otherwise it is quite useless note 4 uses a trigger to take self-portraits with the handle back. Or you can activate a setting that will autofire when it detects a face. Nothing absolutely revolutionary or totally unique, but they are useful to the vain.
Note 4 is a beautiful handset. After years of plastic blobs, Samsung has taken its design step. We saw the potential of this new look in the alpha of the galaxy, but its guts could not follow through. But note 4. It’s a big, high-quality phone.TouchWiz is not only less awful than ever, but it has some cool tricks made toting around a giant 5.7-inch screen that really makes sense. Window are a fun trick that is also handy and combined with high resolution screen and stylus, make it for an experience that, while not perfect, is much more interesting and useful than making screens larger and leave it at that note 4.For a phone with a huge QHD screen, note 4 gets the impressive battery life. What’s in mind is still note 3 3,200 mAh battery pack. Not to mention the modes that allow the Super AMOLED display (such as the monochrome mode) of energy saving make it rather trivial to squeeze a lot of extra life out of a few percent if it comes to.
Not as
Back-mounted horn type 4 note of sucks. He is strong and has a smart little rib on his grill that keeps him from being cushioned by a board, but his sound quality is weak and ends up all wrong. There is no way to listen to music.
TouchWiz is better than it has ever been, and in note 4 in particular, I think it’s crossed into being more useful than it’s a pain in the ass. Although it is still not large. I mean, just look at this expanded menu. This is still too much.

And while note 4 is now running great release, all that skin covered on top is a responsibility for running later on if future versions of Android, or more likely, future versions of TouchWiz – start gobbling up more Processing power.
The camera will not operate if the battery is low. My kitten was doing something particularly cute, but since my battery was at three percent, I could not take a picture and I got this instead.

Some of the features that note 4 has picked up since the Galaxy S5 are not good for much. The heart rate monitor offers no real practical value in addition to being a self-portrait trigger and the fingerprint reader is so meticulous that it is basically useless. In a world where iPhone TouchID integrates in a beat that you’re already used to doing the fingerprint reading, slowly dragging your finger over a sensor (often that reading will ultimately fail) feels stone age.
Should I buy it?
Do you want a big phone? If so, you should get this big phone because it is the biggest phone. Multitask with window, split screen options and drag and drop stylus features Note 4 on a device that really has a reason to be as big as it is. When giant phones like the OnePlus One, Nokia 1520, 6 more and probably the Nexus 6 of 5.9 inches are just large versions of its smaller precursors, Note 4 really offers something more.Even if you do not use any of that, note 4 is handsome, easy to maintain, and has an amazing display and battery life, it works like a dream. It’s a better-in-class large phone even without the extras. The god-awful skin of TouchWiz and bad design used to be the dealbreakers, but no more. And without those disadvantages, note 4 to be truly great.

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Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 4
• Network: Most important carriers of the United States
• OS: 4.4 Android with TouchWiz
• CPU: Snapdragon 805
• Display: 2560 x 1440 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED (518 PPI)
• RAM Memory: 3 GB
• Storage: 32 GB or 64 GB and micro SD up to 64 GB
• Camera: rear 16MP / 3.7 MP front
• Battery: 3200 mAh Li-Ion
• Price: $ 300 – $ 350 (with a two year contract, usually), $ 855 unlocked

The 5 Universal Rules for Getting a Perfect Abs

Hundreds of abs, seven days a week, a lot of effort to get a heart attack, and yet, nevertheless, you never get to look them. Have you ever wondered that there is something that you are not doing well? Everyone can get a defined abs, but as long as they do things right. In view we have several examples of famous people who have gone from having bodies like that of anyone, rather mediocre, to wear it on magazine covers, and in just a few months.In life, there is usually a correlation between success and time spent or the effort expended in achieving an end. Therefore, if you do not achieve your purpose, it is because you do not face the challenge correctly, and despite the effort made, you do not follow the correct guidelines.
It is not enough just to do abdominal repetitions to infinity
If you want to get and wear a defined abs, not only do you need to try, but also, you should train with intelligence, it is not enough to do repetitions of abs to infinity. If we compare the exercise that must be done to get a good sit-ups with the work of a sculptor, they say that lifting weights is the hammer that is giving shape to the muscle, while performing exercises that isolate the abdominals are the chisel that sculpts them And defines.Well, we give you the 5 universal rules so that once and for all, you can show off the abs you’ve always wanted.

The 5 Universal Rules for Getting a Perfect Abs
1. Burn fat
It looks like Perogrullo, but for that we do crunches, to make them look. If you do not get it it is because above the muscle you have fat that hides it. Just as you are able to do hundreds of repetitions of the hardest exercise, if you do not eliminate the fat, they will not appear. If you want to be shown, your body fat percentage should be below 10% if you are male.For this you must incorporate in your routine high intensity cardiovascular exercises and, of course, reduce the intake of calories in the form of fats and hydrates in your diet.
2. Establish a fight without quarter
The fats that accumulate in the abdominals are the first to arrive and the last to leave, so you must maintain a permanent fight, without quarter. There are no miracles burning fat, the only way to remove it from the abdomen is by slowly burning it with high intensity cardio, diet and strength training exercises.
If you want to improve your abs, you should also work the rest of muscle groups
Maintain the long-term goal, be persistent with a proper diet, do high-strength training, and you will be able to keep body fat low forever. Probably, if you really want those abs, you need to apply a lifestyle change and a ton of discipline.
3. Only three times a week
If you work any muscle seven days a week, it will become saturated. Just as you do not train any other muscle groups on a daily basis, you should also let your abdominal muscles rest and recover from the exercise. It’s the only way they can grow. A good frequency can be exercising 3 to 4 times a week. If you let them rest, in addition to allowing them to recover, you will be able to train them in a more intense way and therefore the result will be better.
But do not forget that if you want to improve your abs, you must also work the rest of muscle groups. You need to increase your muscle mass so that your body consumes more fat and thus it costs less to define the ‘six pack’
4. Abs, better varied
Yes, the ‘crunch’ is the basic exercise that everyone does when they want to train their abs. Well, just tell you that it is not the only, nor is it the most effective.
The muscular group of the abdomen involves other muscles that you must exercise if you want to get definition. If you only do the typical ‘crunchs’ (lying on your back to raise your torso) your lower, transverse and oblique abs will hardly work and the result will be poor.The key is to incorporate into your routine more number of different exercisesThe transverse ones are like a belt around your waist, you must perform exercises like the ‘plank’ (lying on your stomach supported on the tips of the feet and forearms, keeping the body like a board, squeezing your abs for as long as it lasts The exercise) and if you can introduce twists to one side and another.
The obliques, however, are like two bands that fall diagonally to the pelvis and are responsible for the typical V shape.The key, therefore, is to vary the exercises, to incorporate to your routine more amount of different exercises, such as abs, bicycle, leg elevations or lateral elevations.
5. Increases the difficulty
If you do not, your abs will not pass from a very incipient state of development, you will not get anything if you do not increase the difficulty. Your abs get up

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A Simple Way – How To Get Six Pack Abs?

This question, how to get six pack abs, is in the minds of all teenagers and still matured person. Today, everyone wants to get his / her body should be attractive and well-firm. People spend a lot of time and money in gyms, buying expensive cars and weight loss pills, etc. but most of them do not get anything in the end, and they began to realize that it is only possible to TV stars and athletes.
Mike Geary is an expert in nutrition and exercise, his true e-book program on abs has become one of the most popular programs on the Internet in no time. The truth about the sit-up program, as its name implies, is totally dedicated to getting six pack abs you’ve always dreamed of.

A Simple Way - How To Get Six Pack Abs
Mike Geary does not support any kind of supplements, or suggest buying expensive equipment and making heavy abs. The only resources that are required are simple dumbbells and exercise mats that you can easily afford. This means that you can do exercises at home, there is no need to run to the gym. I have to clarify that you can not get six pack abs in an instant; Needs full dedication and hard work to follow a routine designed by Mike Geary.
That person thinks mostly, doing thousands of sit-ups over and over again to reduce excess abdominal fat. But this is a myth; Here Mike Geary helps you understand. Their program focuses not only on training, but is a comprehensive nutrition and training program that addresses your lifestyle and eating habits. The main reason for the success of your book is that it not only shows you what to do and how to do it, both for diet and workouts, but also tells you the reason behind doing those things. One thing I like about Mike Geary has made it clear at first before buying your book that if you really want six pack abs, you have to be very determined and fix your mind first, then go for it. This program is not a talisman you get six pack abs as soon as you get the book, but they need a lot of work and dedication.

The main reason for the success of your book is that it not only shows you what to do and how to do it, both for diet and workouts, but also tells you the reason behind doing those things. One thing I like about Mike Geary has made it clear at first before buying your book that if you really want six pack abs, you have to be very determined and fix your mind first, then go for it. This program is not a talisman you get six pack abs as soon as you get the book, but they need a lot of work and dedication.
Mike Geary is not only an author, but personally he is a well-known coach, so he knows how to get six pack abs and learn how to train with others. Mike Geary knows everything, this program has most of it. This is the reason, this program has become the most successful book in its field.

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The Importance of early Detection of Prostate Cancer

Men who do not have complaints, even after the age of 50 years after the controls should be done once said Professor. Doctors have emphasized the importance of early detection and regular controls in prostate cancer treatment.

The prostate, a secretory gland found in every man, is of great importance for male health. The urethra, which we call urethra, discharges the urine out of the prostate, and weighs about 18-20 grams. Due to this anatomical feature, the growth of the end result in pressure on a part of the urinary tract and leads to complaints.

Detection of Prostate Cancer

The prostate contributes to the formation of the liquid part of the menin. 95 percent of the semen volume with the seminal pouch is created by the prostate.

Prostate diseases are divided into three main groups: Prostate infections, benign prostate growth and prostate cancer. Prostate infections are seen in all age groups, but benign prostate growth and prostate cancer are mostly diseases of the older age group. Patients should be aware that they can’t get a prostate massage if they have any prostate issues and they should avoid using massage chairs for prostate massage if they are using any.

Beware of father and brothers!

Benign prostate growth is the result of progressive age-related hormonal changes. Prostate cancer in the family with prostate cancer is at greater risk.

Prostate enlargement leads to urine complaints. There may be symptoms such as frequent urination, difficulties in getting up at night, making urination and starting urination, dropping urine after the urine has dried out, decreasing urine power, feeling urine incomplete, bloody urination. Untreated can lead to serious problems, including kidney failure.

Regular checks even if there is no complaint

Benign growth occurs inside the prostate surrounding the urinary tract and leads to compression of the urinary tract. However, prostate cancer usually develops from the outside of the prostate, far away from the area surrounding the urinary tract. Therefore, urine may not cause complaints early on. For this reason, regular checks on the early diagnosis of prostate cancer are very important even if there is no complaint.

Since there is no protection against prostate diseases, men should not interrupt their regular checkups. In terms of early diagnosis of prostate cancer; After the age of 50, even if there are no complaints, and if they have prostate cancer in their family, they should have regular checks after 40 years of age.

PSA values are important

The methods used to diagnose prostate diseases can be listed as follows: urinalysis, evaluation of kidney functions, laboratory tests such as creatinine, BUN, PSA, urinary tract ultrasonography, urine flow rate measurement, amount of urine after urination, Multiparametric prostate MR, PET CT, Biopsies taken in conjunction with MR findings.

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), which has an important place in the diagnosis of prostate diseases; Is a component of the protein structure secreted by the prostate epithelial cells. It provides the meninin liquefaction. When the structure of the prostate cells deteriorates, the level at the side increases.

Early diagnosis saves lives

PSA; Especially in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, treatment planning and follow-up follow-up. Early diagnosis is life saving as it is in other cancers. PSA values below 1 ng / ml have a very low risk of developing prostate cancer in the future.

In general, after the age of 50 years, annual PSA checks and prostate examinations are recommended. In the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, it is important that the PSA values of the person in the previous years are known. This should be taken into consideration if there is a sudden increase in PSA values. The normal values of PSA vary with age.

PSA; Apart from prostate cancer, prostate infections may also develop in benign growths. At very high PSA levels, prostate cancer may be predicted to be advanced if there is no ACUTE infection.

Despite the widespread use of PSA, PSA values of 20-25% of prostate cancer cases have been found to be within normal limits. For this reason, new tests and methods such as pro PSA, prostate health index and multiparametric MR are used more frequently in prostate cancer.

Treatment methods in prostate patients

Benign prostate growth from prostate diseases; Drug and surgical options. TUR-P (transurethral resection of the prostate) is a gold standard method for the surgical treatment of benign prostate when treatment with drugs is not sufficient. This process, which is a new technology with plasma machinetic TUR system, provides safe operation and high patient satisfaction. Another method that is applied indoors is laser treatment of the prostate like green-light, red-light. Open prostate surgery is rarely used only in very large prostates today.

The treatment of prostate cancer differs according to the disease stage. Surgery and radiotherapy (beam) treatment options are available for the treatment of prostate-limited (localized) disease. Surgical method is called radical prostatectomy. Radical prostatectomy can be performed by open or robotic methods. Radiotherapy uses external radiotherapy or brachytherapy. If prostate cancer has metastasized, hormone therapy and chemotherapy treatments are applied. In hormone therapy, it is intended to suppress the testosterone hormone and thereby slow the progression of the cancer.

This entry was posted in Health.’s 55,000 Users Accounts Compromised, which LinkedIn bought last year, is facing a serious security breach. Linkedin will be remembered and purchased by Microsoft and the agreement between the two companies has been completed in the past days.'s 55,000 Users Accounts Compromised

According to the email sent to users over the weekend, the attack affected the account of 55,000 users. According to Neowin, Linkedin said that by commenting on an official statement, he was resetting the passwords of the accounts for the purpose of prevention.

In addition to the relatively small number of users affected by the attack, an important detail is that the leaked passwords are encrypted. A Linkedin official said that 55,000 users reset their password for precaution, while about 9.5 million users with student information were stored in the database without a password. The firm said that there was no evidence that these data were released and added additional steps to secure accounts.

Linkedin announced that she bought in April 2015 and Lynda said that “quality and comprehensive video content adds strength to those who want to accelerate their career.” As Microsoft has pointed out, Microsoft has yet to acquire the giant LinkedIn. Although tries to make this leak seem like nothing, it is hard to deny that the living is unfortunate for Microsoft.

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Feature of Washing Blocks from Google Maps!

The new addition to Google Maps has made the service a plus to make it a service for everyone!

When you have a wheelchair, it’s getting harder to use your internet maps. For this reason, a third party application called Whellmap was prepared so that wheelchairs could be reached where the ramp and other signs were on the street. But there were still deficiencies in free movement. We need to thank Google, which is no longer a problem.

Google Drive Product Manager Rio Akasaka has developed Google Maps as an additional project in its free time, offering great service for wheeled boats. As it is known, Google offers a location based card dispatch service, which will allow you to say which restaurant in the vicinity is available for wheelchair users. This function may also work for baby users if the place to go contains many digits.

This new service from Google is currently only available in the US. The application expected to expand its scope over time will come to my country, which is now enigmatic.