How To Stay Anonymous While Using WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp as a unanimous user might sound tricky but it can be achieved with the help of the techniques used by the geeks. After prolong use and researching in the application methods of the app, it is now possible to bypass the verification methods of WhatsApp very easily. Though GBWhatsapp or better say modded whatsapp does provide the option of being more secure which can be achieved via dual whatsapp. But it is good to follow these steps to still be anonymous while you use WhatsApp.

WhatsaApp secret tricks

How To Stay Anonymous while you are on Whatsapp

Using WhatsApp without identifying yourself

If you are in need of sending messages without using your identity, then all you have to do is to use the PC mode of the app. It is a kind of mobile application that allows the user to operate via Windows PC browsers with the help of its web interface. The app sends a verification code when after the installation process to check you in as a verified user. The trick behind using a temporary mobile number will aid you in bypassing the security measures and send messages or media to the audience without being recognized.

Follow these steps and become an unidentified user.

  • You will need a robust internet connection, a smartphone, and a computer or a laptop.
  • Download WhatsApp by visiting the app store on your phone. Follow all the instructions the app interface is asking before entering the mobile number.
  • Accept the terms and conditions mentioned in the installation interface of the app. If you already have installed WhatsApp before then, you will find your old number appearing in the space. You have to select the ‘Change Number’ option from the settings of the app.
  • It is time to find a valid number available on the various online platforms like or These websites deliver phone numbers that are not connected to your identity. Choose a number from the provided list and copy it. Do not close the website window containing the unanimous number.
  • Paste the number into the verification field of WhatsApp. Opt for the message verification method in the app for the respective number. You will receive a verifying message for that number on the website.
  • The verification code will appear on the website. You need to fill that up in the app field to complete the process.
  • After entering the verification code, complete all the necessary formalities and start using the app as an unidentified user. The number will not get back to you as a back trail.

You do not have to reveal your number and can privately use WhatsApp.

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