Designing a Stylish Bathroom With Mirrors

Designing of a bathroom in a stylish way needs creative and out of the box thinking. Bathrooms are one of the smallest yet the most important room of our house. It is the most hardworking area of the house and thus needs to be decorated in a positive manner with careful detailing. Various elements in the bathroom like the fixtures, bathtub, mirrors, toiletries, color scheme and flooring play a major role in the bathroom decor. Good quality toilet also is an important part of a toilet. I personally think that compact toilets are the most beautiful ones among all toilet types, mostly famous restaurants and brands use these toilet fittings in their washrooms, having a casual toilet in a premium place doesn’t seem a good idea. found some great compact toilets at you should check these out.

Mirrors are an essential bathroom asset buy they often tend to fall behind when it comes to bathroom decorating and style. Ones you have decided on the type and style of the perfect mirror for your bath space, it’s time to discover the various ways to decorate your bath using those beautiful mirrors. In this article, you will not only get some smart and fancy ideas of bathroom mirrors but different ways you can hang them in your bathroom to give it a stylish look.

Eye-catching Symmetrical Display of Mirrors

Instead of placing a large mirror above the bathroom vanity or countertop, try using four identical mirrors arranged in a grid-like fashion above the vanity or the opposite wall. This kind of creative display of symmetrical mirrors is definite to draw many eyes towards it. You can make the décor look more enchanting by using stand-alone frameless.

Illuminate a Small Space with Light

Decorate your small apartment bathrooms with some exclusively large and elegant vintage style mirrors. These not only have a classy impact on the décor but create an illusion of light and space giving a perfect atmosphere to the area.

Multiple Frameless Mirrors

Place several unframed mirrors between the rustic panes and around the vanity. This makes to room look lot larger than it is. The frameless nature blends with any bathroom theme décor.

Go Gold and Traditional

Most of the traditional home décor matches with the bathroom décor. Using gold accents is the best way to go traditional in decorating your stylish bath area. The mirrors with different shapes in gold plated frames give an excellent sparkling look to the bath.

Double It Up Above the Sinks

Beautify your bathroom decor by using dual mirrors. His and hers style floating sinks impart a cool and contemporary touch to this colorful bathroom decor.

Accrue Your Mirrors

Arrange lots of mirrors on the wall to give an aesthetic appearance to the bathroom décor. You can choose from a vivid variety of shapes, sizes, and unique frames for a striking effortless display which a single large mirror cannot impart.

Lean Don’t Hang

You need not always hang the mirrors to the wall. Large mirrors look beautiful and chic when leaned on a mantle. The ornate chandeliers placed to reflect light beautifully throughout the place.

Mirror above the Bathtub

Make your bath a focal point by placing an attractive mirror above the tub.The mirror gives your bathroom décor an exceptional aura and discipline to beautify its looks.

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