Feature of Washing Blocks from Google Maps!

The new addition to Google Maps has made the service a plus to make it a service for everyone!

When you have a wheelchair, it’s getting harder to use your internet maps. For this reason, a third party application called Whellmap was prepared so that wheelchairs could be reached where the ramp and other signs were on the street. But there were still deficiencies in free movement. We need to thank Google, which is no longer a problem.

Google Drive Product Manager Rio Akasaka has developed Google Maps as an additional project in its free time, offering great service for wheeled boats. As it is known, Google offers a location based card dispatch service, which will allow you to say which restaurant in the vicinity is available for wheelchair users. This function may also work for baby users if the place to go contains many digits.

This new service from Google is currently only available in the US. The application expected to expand its scope over time will come to my country, which is now enigmatic.

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